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Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies

Центр кросскультурных исследований

The Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies is a research unit which brings together scholars and lecturers of the Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies engaged in multidisciplinary researches in the field of typological / comparative studies of various Asian cultures in their synchronous and diachronic aspects.

The main areas of research:

Folklore and literature (characters, motives, plots, etc.) of China, Vietnam, Mongolia, India, Iran and Russia

Cultural and linguistic interactions along the Silk Road, in particular, the cross-language interactions of Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan and Turkic languages and dialects of Central and Northwestern China (including the Central Asian region)

Religious traditions, beliefs and practices of East Asia, cross-religion interactions and mutual influence

Anthropology of contemporary Asian cultures

The Centre cooperates with the following universities and research institutions:

    Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies of the Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China)

    The Minzu University of China (Beijing, China)

    The University of Hulunbuir (Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, China)

    The Mongolian Academy of Sciences (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

    The National University of Mongolian (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

The Centre is going to expand the geography of cooperation.

The staff of the Centre gave lectures in the University of Beijing and the Minzu University of China (A.D. Tsendina), the Central China Normal University (A.B. Starostina), the Beijing Normal University (T.V. Ivchenko, I.S. Smirnov), North-Western University for Nationalities in Lanzhou (A.D. Tsendina), the University of Hohhot (A.D. Tsendina), the National University of Mongolia (A.D. Tsendina, A.A. Solovyova).

The staff of the Centre carries out a number of research projects, including field work researches, devoted to folklore studies, linguistics and anthropology in various provinces of China and Mongolia, creation and development of the database of mythological and ritual traditions of China and Mongolia, translation and commentary work with written sources and field materials. Students, undergraduates and postgraduates are expected to participate in activities of the Centre.

There is a regular research seminar “Souls and spirits in Chinese culture” that functions on the basis of the Centre —


Taras Ivchenko

Associate Professor, Head of the Centre

Ilya Gruntov

Visiting Scholar

Yana Leman


Olga Mazo

Associate Professor

Ilya Smirnov

Director of IOCS

Alevtina Solovyova

Leading Research Fellow

Aglaya Starostina

Leading Research Fellow

Anna Tsendina


Elizaveta Volchkova

Associate Professor


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